Like in this big ocean of questions, I still find myself on the yacht 🛥taking the nap with breeze, waking up with the highlights of rays 🌅. I came up with a bunch of mixed thoughts and put them to the surface of the sea to float cause what sinks never comes back; ocean looks freakin’ amazing deep down with those corals!

It’s okay to be brave, it’s okay to be left..

When people have options more than you, so your vacancy isn’t a big deal. But make sure that vacancy is a small yet the support of the structure; when you do this it isn’t a usual thing.

Trying orange over vodka ? Tangy and hangover clinging over the head .. sitting under naked sky crying over the sweet and bitter mistakes..but Times up to your life’s pub! How do you feel like now ? Okay, leaving up to you how unpuzzled you would be as if it’s past you already opened and cleaned the mess but if in future, then you gonna be cautious!

Whenever am confused in my opinions and decisions!!! I am prepared to dive whether I know to swim or not because either way am gonna come up to the surface by leaving my winged soul down in the beautiful bed or by legs gonna learn to cycle and make my torso light and make me float or Archimede’s principle gonna prove wrong and water’s density will handle my weight.

So, take the drive whether you know the consequence or not life will take you to the sorted place!

In the mountains of Swit. , the sun rises with those black dark clouds but as soon as the tindal effective rays scatter the darkness of night and makes the place one of my most important reason of sprightliness ⚡️But buttt…. to create this landscape you have to bare the chilly freezing and dark nights under thin blankets🥶but stars gonna make your journey beautiful !

Sometimes we find the people who cause us the pain but they are the ones who taught us to write the words to heal! Like to come out of a puzzle you need to criss-cross that freekin maze in the dark to get to the limelight and take out that spark of yours✨.

Make your life, yourself like a froth and foam on water; light, less hustled and like a open novel of black and white unknowings about you to the world… where you are not worried of different statements you gave to the people because your head a limited memory storage with no warranty memory card🤷🏻‍♀️.

Let’s pay the bill of someone else’s life full of life and pay the sins back with did if not, than maintaining our own registry of right ticks✔️.

Dream to burst the aurora in the clear skies 🌌 and enchant the brook of love and make a stroke of fireflies right from the head to the soft jiggled soul! Open up the lid of your jar of sparkles ✨ to make your ring as stary and happening and cheering as your quintessence and mix the colours of oceans like they were never brought up from different horizons like soul but in different torsos!❤️

Be conclusive enough to dull the darkness of someone else’s negative aura and build a pulpit to raise your soul bud💕 and at the rest of your span you will cheer your virtue of being a nightlamp of the special😌.



Screaming through numb heart, crying under the pillows, mind tangled in the thoughts of others. I read books and books they failed to read my tongue! But the day came, alone on the sea shore , had two ways; float on water or stand on the ashen sands with black feets and rainbow faces !

Swimming 🏊‍♀️ with the rays of sun🌤 penetrating the salty water as well as my tissues! how can I change my decisions made in past or how can I erase ’em ? Tanned skin replied: Never change the decision make it a lesson if a bad one or make a novel if cherishing one. And erasing isn’t an option because of that you woke up and taking it to a next better level!

Isn’t it ironic ,that the things we feel to be alive are the things that kill us! Not actually ironic, but the flipped fact.

You are one decision away from a totally different life! One different decision and the future outcome has no link with the earlier one.

The phase of your life ⏰ when you just think that you hate yourself than you love others ,you hate your worth than you praise other ones, you hate every thing you do or did than giving a thumbs up of others; buddy, it feels like your soul is been kept in a cold storage and your warm blood flows within it making you feel threatening at that clock of the time and all your emotions are being stored and when you burst it bursts like a cold volcano 🌋 but alone you have no guts to show anyone this weaker side of yours !Because everyone out there won’t get your situation! And then you choose to be in that phase again. So, again in the black room finding that one hole of light!💡

The most confusing thing is when you yourself don’t know what’s happening in your life how is it noodled up ! And the most troubled thing is you yourself can’t see the solution and gradually you go deep inside your wounds.

You are in the middle of valley when you start making excuses for someone for the way they hurt you its because you are deeply and dedicatedly in love with them where you can pierce your own soul for them just to make them alive! And if you can’t say them how much you are hurted by some of their acts don’t worry darling you are one of the most strongest dumbs alive on this Earth 🌍 cause your breakups in any kinda relation you can still survive no matter hurting yourself more but you always have a positive feeling of loving those who left you with full of your heart and you still gonna love them but rolling solo, along with your wet pillows, red eyes and shinny nose! You not gonna share your this love with anyone in this world 🗺 . This tangy love is only gifted to some rare ones and trust me these are the most luckiest ones because giving your soul is not an easy-peasy thing right and your heart itself has many incoming and outcoming veins, so you may not know what may come and go anytime🤷🏻‍♀️! Enjoy, embrace, treasure every feeling and every part of sprightliness ❤️

You are never into someone not the one you love now or the one you loved back! The thing that keeps you back is your past, the sins you did good or bad earlier let you into someone and in case of your bad ones an unnecessary in your today is giving you their everything! Every inch of their torso their mind their soul and trust ! Go on a sunrise with that red rose of your life and look how beautiful you will make your sunset 🌅 look like with your brushing fingers painting magenta and pink and blue with gritty feets hopping on domain!👣✨

When the two givers indulge in a knot, its a magic a tragedy, It’s alchemy. I water you , you water me.🌷

We never strain out each other ; we just bloom🌸 when you get lost in this ocean 🌊, take ur surf boat roll the waves and you are true enough take that deep dive and see that dark blue sea with those jiggly fishes and fossy corals🍀. And this jump happens once and when this happens, never ditch and follow the risk🎋.

Float through the foams and jump through the valleys, dive from a sand bed to sea bed and find the purpose of aliveness and umm yess, reading this blog😅LOL



In the era of check and mate, and changing roles, how to know your action is that worth to atleast support your personality !? Yet, we are playing roles with ourselves too; playing the bloody game of Truth or Dare. Dare to say the truth and Truth to play Dare!
Playing our cunning trump cards to be a part of the race and hoping to get a set of three Aces.

People now-a-days are much interested to see the truth of others whose lives may be less important to them and hiding there’s. But each and every player are one step ahead to us! We plan the game they finish it🤷🏻‍♀️. You dare, they accept. This is what we frame in today’s time as THE LAWS OF KARMA !
Let the game be an open battle field; Sherlock got too old cause ,if you seek their truth ready to say yours because you too have to face the bottle mouth next time🤗.
We have an old tendency on holding up on things! And why not, it’s difficult to move ahead like nothing happened and start a new chapter; it can be anything. And those who leave their scars back, either destroy themselves with new or destroy others ! And the later is more common.
This world is revolving behind water ! We are alive because of water and its citizens are much likely to marine life ; fresh and salty! 🌊Other creatures might be some other species of fishes but we Homo sapiens are *Selfishes* hahahh lol but true!
We even can stab our own soul just to satisfy our cunning mind. Hence, this mirror world and it’s actors are way to expensive, playing their own secretive roles and those who are just watching these changing roles are already the ones who were once Big curators ! 🎳
And that category of those who actually are showing the real image of them are the ones alone and outshowned. Their words are very low to others, their actions are opaque ,their beauty is way too far as the horizon to feel and their soul is lost in this hypnotic era but they don’t have brains cause if had they won’t be different⭐️. If you find this gem in your entire life tie them to your neck cause these Rubies are like rare supernovas creating the aurora to the sky which only you were able to just see from your naked eye! And these make the clear sky of yours to a night under the Northern lights; for just a couple of seconds but you will worth that fraction of your clock💎.
What you would consider as truth?
Is this something you find out but, everything every person every story has many faces, different truth at different phase. A truth for you might be a lie or just a grapevine for others. But the universal thing is Truth is something you feel, something you realise, something when everyone says no but your soul is soo determined to accept and outshowns your mind and ears to those buzzing rumours.
We aint even truthfull to our relationships like one of them is and the other is just going as with the water flow but choosing as to be slow and steady and easy and when the sea changes its flow a bit it bursts and causes a tornado to the life of the one who loved them more than the moonlight sky! Here when the Queen loses with the most possible moves and the King with just a single move wins with Check and Mate. But you won because of that queen who fought with her moves to save yours!
This is the same scenario in every fiction of our lives and relations!
Let’s be a bit truthful to be real and a bit brave to face the dare of own reality and stop running from it and making others too in the dark room!
Life would be like a free bird in the sky full of our open truth and reality like an open book ! And the silly and immaterial contest of Truth and Dare with an aim of always reaching the thrown with Check and Mate would be over!


Starting from morning to sleeping in the midnight 🕛 the first thing that comes to our noodled head is OHH I NEED TO DO THIS FOR HIM/HER, FOR MY WORK FOR MY FRIENDS FOR ALL THOSE THINGS WHICH ARE BEYOND THE HORIZON !!

Some are having swollen eyes cause of heartbreaks some because of OHH HONEY LOVE YOU TALKS !

Have wondered how hard things just become in just one verbal byye of yours and you see a dead-end to be in touch!Where you hav spent all your efforts which might be not enough but you tried YOUR best ! Hell, it’s drawning. You feel like your legs are tied to stones and you are sinking in deep down ocean even you dont want too! And when you are up to the surface still the heavy stones are tied to your legs but your soul your body has now become numb to handle any heavy cry. Your worth seems like an end.

Seems like a suicide, right? No,this thing is what we are dealing when our deeds going on a wrong path. Our search engine starts finding our loved ones but at that point you are alone surviving at the equator , you see everything but find nothing. Some get cope-up with this because they have a shoulder support to it or else others realise the light at the end of tunnel but that journey needs a lot of your courage. Anyways, we all find our reasons , solutions in some of our further actions.

Soo moving to an other side of the globe! We all are still a kid having the same mentality of having that oldest, shabby and torned toy of ours. Yes, here are our relations, our words we spoke to others or vice versa, our revenge ,insults etc etc

Why can’t we just let it go. May be sometimes some things might be the reason of your destruction but letting it goo slowly can be the reason of your little faded visible light in your dark soul !

Just have a big heart and donate the bad deeds you did and may be the bad sins happen to you, let karma do the job why keep her jobless haaan ? ;)🤷🏻‍♀️

Just be a bit supportive and thankful to the ones who were with you at your downs 💕, and be the reason for someone being on cloud 9 today ! And always cherish the one truely loved you and remember them as your❤️ and 🌍 because they taught you to paint the heart red and made a different world for you and peirced your immaterial skin and saw your beating soul and grown flowers to it and watered them, maybe its a drought now but as the rain arrives it will shower everything to green and blue🌈.

So not going too much cheesy towards life’s questions! But its not a journey its a voyage, you see the bright sun or the darkest night but that darkest night has the beautiful moon and stars which becomes your partner till the sun glimpses back!!🌤

Sometimes, it is the waterfall that becomes the reason for your successful rainbow or sometimes you have to jump in that waterfall and swim back up to start it again!!💫

Just, Heyy heyy just a sec you listening ?? Okayy!!

Never find your life worthless every person you meet should see how greatful you are or were! What you did whatever good or bad it was all because it was in the favour of that situation:)🤗

Soo back to the question IS EVERYTHING GOING IN VAIN ? Ok, so if your answer is yess you wont be reading this long shitty blog of mine! Hahah !! 😂

Nothing ever goes in vain remember you will get paid to it accordingly soon for your good or bad 😊. Till then paint the beautiful sky of yours!

Travelling Butterflies

I started prefering fresh red roses rather than the dried ones between my pages! That colour ,that aroma ,that feel ,that touch ,the person associated with it drenches me down but at the same time uplifts to a different sort of world where i wish to stop the moment but dreams never pause but pop up with different fantasies.

Now the fireflies come to my windows and i still wait in their buzz for the letters since long in my box! From holding skies to running naked feets in the sands reaching the horizon; staring from windows ,he managed with his undigested food!

They dreamt of holding hands , head high to sky to the Northern stars amidst the flakes and fire. But never grin to each other !

Such unconditional love spirit wasn’t their cup of tea but the same Capachino taste with 1.5 teaspoons of sugar made a path❣.

Love for them was not perennial but a seasonal kind; as every season comes with some new blooms making us more affectionate for it /

Love isn’t , having same penchant but something which you feel yours evn in a bunch of similar things like in the room full of cigars and sheesha smokes you still find his Davidoff.🌼

It’s like the pale blue bright sky with grey clouds anytym would fall off to enchant with the feel and touch to relieve even when apart but he makes her cheek like the Red Carnet and her deep dimples where he resides to fondle when she recaptures the moments♥

Something like the raindrop after showers in the burnished ambience, sparkling each twinkling of eye spent together 🍃

Scribbled papers, ashened flaws , he accepted her freckled face and she accepted his over-possesiveness and they addicted to the together wake up morning ,making the mess of the kitchen to sort the future cheek by jawl 🍉

Orchids and weeds with hint of wild periwinkles burst the aurora in the air! When they experienced the fluttering insects linged from the crocked mind to the soft brook and this aura created a Butterfly Stroke in the heart which now competes to melt for each other😌❤.



Solivaganting for a moment..
A low but a sturdy voice chirps! So pure and so saline helps me to deal in this upsy-downsy world!😌

I had favourite choice of colours, but now being with people like a rainbow I lost the shades and tints of my colour pallete! 🎨
Still we judge people like a perfect knib of ball point pen! Have you ever wondered before judging…you never have perfect similar fingers than how people would be as perfect and subble you want.
Come out of the cave of darkness , listen the voice of casacades…brushing with it’s lil ferns calling you to join with the peace you are finding in shitty things!

Do we really know ourselves?????
The so called concern bout how people think bout me or how they want me! Or what kind of a shit they want me to do..we have lost the real US!

This third sphere from sun is soo beautifully made for you..has all elements as you…every part of this globe is different for all…just!!! waiting for you to discover! but we disvover the things having no meaning n hurt ourselves n our worth!

Having self-esteem is an ego…says a mofotic guy of mine!
Yes Mr.Overpossessed am proud to be an egoistic chick ; atleast this helps to find me..
like a Musafar finds its destination.

That natural smile is now transformed to a straight line with a curve to fix everything temporarily.//
Wake up in morning and see your divine eyes to conquer your blunders and dump it in a pile of garbage!
Look at your bubbly cheeks to roll your faults and give a fresh start..🌸
With your frisky nose smell your inner incense..such a pure statue it was!
Look down at your pink curvy lips! To gasp all the negative thoughts you had bout you!
And with end of face at your sharp chin..show a palm and promise never to go back to your faults! ✋
And now wash your face and do not look in the reflection to get you caught again in the non-realistic mimic world!🎭

The brackish you, doubting bout your strengths and loss ..throw away this macquilage from your body and paint a new you and a better vision of world!✔
So on this valentine’s week
Give a red rose to cherrish yourself for being you!
Blast a chocolate cake to welcome a modest version of yours.🍁
Gift yourself teddy stuff to spark everyone with your tender essence..🍃
Give your dear darlings a tight hug for always being there and being there in your happening life!❤
Propose yourself and flirt for “Ohh yess am proud to be me”🌷

Or go out and be wild and do what you can with full of your efforts and jump to reach the lofty monument!🗽

You would be as light as air…..flowing with ocean breeze and brushing like a satisfying puff of wind on everyone’s face in burning summers🌊…blooming flowers in spring…melting S’mores in fire in chilly days.
And out there falling off from dry trees in autumn to lesson bout nothing is permanent…shape yourself towards better and better!





The rising sun is my Bestfriend! Why ? Haaah! just because it makes me little brighter as you guys adjudicate this! And soooon its my neeed now cause the moon hides me:// Now there comes the voice of an albinal girl from a corner in the auditorium says in the numb quietness ASK ME BOUT THE COLOUR THAT ACTUALLY FIGURES MY FEATURES! MY HAIRS, MY LASHES , MY BROWS ,MY VISION! All bleached.

Some dusky, Some fair ..Bushy eye brows! Nose with blackheads..hairs like never solved..Fatty charm or an hour glass!
The darkness that we created together! You always tested for our virginity! But my husband lying their in resorts being a COOL DUDE//

My eyes captures the milky way..
My face has that shine like a sugar glaze coat on my pudding🍮.

The first glance of morning is ME.
We are the wax candle which enlightens the world in the need of evolution.

The whole world adores us when we apply two extra layers of pink maquillage on our face. Still why our so called partners get flat as an ironed bedsheet when looks upto a cat with double shots of cosmetics !!

We aint a para. of a boring novel and like if yess than screw up in ya mind ! Each phrase has a different story to tell…a different song to buzz…

She munched up the Bronze pearls with a hint of boldness ,1/4th of hatred , 1/2 tablespoon of flexibility like a Panna cotta and a full cup of selfesteem and burped out the shiny spark to emanate beams from holy faces to murkiness.

Hope this society puzzles out “THAT RADIANT GIRL”.